About Us

For us, men's fashion is about accents and details, variations on well-tried themes. Observe the rules - after all they work - but sometimes break them creatively on the margin. Maintain the classic gentleman's rituals - a must - but also try to find new possibilities for self-expression through remarkable pieces.

Thinking about men's fashion, men's rituals, men's style like this led to our name: "The Mannerist". One who explores what it means to be a modern gentleman as an avocation. Too individualistic to be a movement? Probably, but you never know. A focus on accessories just felt right.

Accessories are perfect for expressing individuality at work or play. Bring color or pattern to your classic work outfit. Bring subtle elegance to your after-hours outfit. Both approaches seem simple, unfussy, and natural to us in an era where comfort and appearing laid-back are at a premium.

The Mannerist wants to encourage you to explore many possibilities and discover your own style. Whether you tend to the minimal, the traditional, or the more flamboyant or for different looks at different times there is something for you. Freedom, self-expression...accessories.

The Mannerist - Accessories for the modern gentleman.